Empowering Churches, Enriching Communities

At track.church, our mission is to bring simplicity and clarity to church management, enabling ministries to focus on their core mission: nurturing faith and enriching communities. We understand the unique challenges faced by churches today and are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that streamline administrative tasks, foster community engagement, and enhance stewardship.

We're passionate about leveraging technology to simplify complex processes, freeing pastors, administrators, and volunteers to dedicate more time to pastoral care, outreach, and spiritual growth. By offering intuitive tools for member management, online giving, event scheduling, and more, we empower churches to transcend traditional boundaries, embrace digital transformation, and create limitless opportunities for growth and impact.

Join us on this journey to revolutionize church management, foster deeper connections within your community, and together, let's change the world one congregation at a time.


Our vision

For as long as there have been congregations, churches have been the cornerstone of the community - an open, welcoming space to gather, worship, and serve together. At track.church, our vision is to enhance this spirit of unity and fellowship through advanced, user-friendly technology solutions that bring people closer in an increasingly digital world.

Streamlining Church Management

Our platform is meticulously crafted to support the multifaceted needs of church leadership and administration. By automating routine tasks and simplifying complex processes, we enable church staff to devote more time to pastoral care, ministry, and community outreach. Our vision is to see churches thrive as they leverage technology to streamline operations, enhance congregational engagement, and foster spiritual growth.

Fostering Deep Community Connections

At the heart of our mission is the desire to strengthen the bonds within church communities. track.church goes beyond software; it's a tool for connecting members, encouraging participation, and supporting one another in faith and fellowship. We envision a future where technology acts as a bridge, enhancing the sense of belonging and community among church members.

Empowering Giving and Stewardship

Our integrated giving solutions are designed with generosity and stewardship in mind, making it easier for congregants to support their church and its missions. By simplifying the giving process and making it more accessible, we help churches increase donations and fund their vision. Our goal is to empower churches to excel in stewardship, using technology to cultivate a culture of generosity that extends beyond their walls.

Enabling Growth and Outreach

track.church is committed to supporting churches as they reach out to their communities and beyond. Our tools are designed to help churches expand their outreach, connect with new members, and spread their message in innovative ways. We envision a world where every church, regardless of size or resources, has the technology to grow, engage, and make a lasting impact on the world.