From Humble Beginnings: The Journey of Seedling Community Church with Track.Church

By Emily Carson, Co-founder of Seedling Community Church

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Emily Carson
December 6, 2023
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“From Humble Beginnings: The Journey of Seedling Community Church with Track.Church“

In the early days of Seedling Community Church, our vision was clear but our path was uncertain. We were a small group of faithful individuals meeting in a rented space, united by our desire to grow a vibrant community of believers. From the outset, Track.Church was more than a service provider for us; they were partners in our ministry, instrumental in nurturing our fledgling church from conception to our recent joyous milestone of moving into our own building.

Foundational Support: A Partnership from the Start

Before we had a permanent address or even a sign, Track.Church came alongside us, sharing our vision for a church that could adapt and grow in today's digital age. Their comprehensive platform was a cornerstone upon which we could build, providing us with the digital infrastructure necessary to manage a growing congregation effectively. From membership management to financial stewardship, Track.Church was with us every step of the way, ensuring that our administrative foundation was as strong as our spiritual one.

Child Check-In: A Testament to Simplicity and Security

One of the most significant challenges for any church, especially a new plant, is ensuring the safety and security of its youngest members. Track.Church's child check-in system was a revelation for us. They understood the logistical and safety challenges of operating in a rented space, sending us printers and iPads that connected via LTE, freeing us from the unreliable confines of Wi-Fi. This forward-thinking approach meant that from day one, we were equipped to offer a secure, efficient, and welcoming environment for families.

The system itself is a marvel of intuitive design. From the moment it was unboxed, it worked flawlessly. Parents and guardians could check in their children within seconds, a process so simple and user-friendly that even newcomers to our community could navigate it with ease. This ease of use, combined with the robust security features of the Track.Church platform, gave our congregation peace of mind and allowed us to focus on what matters most: building relationships and sharing the love of Christ.

Growth and Gratitude: Looking to the Future

Today, as we look around our new building, filled with the sounds of a thriving community, we are profoundly grateful for the role Track.Church has played in our journey. Their technology has not just supported our growth; it has enhanced our ability to connect, care for, and nurture our congregation. The child check-in system is just one example of how Track.Church has empowered us to serve our community better, providing a safe and welcoming environment for every family.

As Seedling Community Church continues to grow, we do so with the confidence that comes from having a partner like Track.Church by our side. Their commitment to our success, their innovative solutions, and their unwavering support have been invaluable. We started as a few people with a shared dream, and now, standing in our own church building, we see the fruit of that dream. We are excited for what the future holds and are proud to have Track.Church with us, every step of the way.

Our story is a testament to the power of faith, community, and the right partners. Track.Church has been more than a tool; they've been a cornerstone of our growth, enabling us to focus on our mission while they took care of the rest. For any new church plant looking to lay a strong foundation for growth and service, we cannot recommend Track.Church highly enough.